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Marine and Fraser Veterinary Clinic in Vancouver, BC

Marine & Fraser Veterinary Clinic is fully functional Veterinary Facility. We believe our furry friends deserve the same standard of care as we do from our human counterparts. We are equipped with state-of-the-art world class diagnostic equipment’s which you can expect in human hospitals such as Blood count Analyzer, Biochemistry Analyzer, Automated Artificial Intelligence Microscopy, Fecal Analyzer, Urine Analyzer, Digital Radiography unit, Electrocardiography, Color doppler Ultrasonography. Endoscopy unit. Tonometry device.

We are very proud on our ultramodern Surgical suite which facilitate our experienced veterinary surgeons to perform advanced Orthopedic procedures such as TPLO, CBLO, CCWO, minimally invasive fracture repair & soft tissue surgeries. To deliver best available care for our furry friends our surgical suite is empowered with Advanced Anesthetic assembly, Fluoroscopy unit, Intravenous fluid delivery monitoring system, Thermoregulatory device, Capnography, pulse oxygenator, Blood pressure monitoring equipment, Apnea monitoring device.  Ultramodern Electrosurgical unit. Therapeutic Laser unit.

We utilize advanced computer software for all of our orthopedic procedures to measure geometry of patient’s skeleton. These measurements are precisely and carefully executed by our experienced veterinary surgeons into actual surgical procedures which significantly enhance outcome of that procedure.

Patients who need advanced care are greatly benefited from our Critical care unit which has capacity to deliver precise oxygen, thermoregulation & humidifier. This Critical care unit empower our veterinarian and dedicated staff to monitor patients with Digital temperature & humidity readout.

We do have integrated preventative plans which can be customized as per individual patient need. These preventative plans have proven long term heath benefits for our furry friends.

Animal dentistry is integral part of our preventative plans and to provide best possible care in this field

Our veterinarians receive continuous education from board certified veterinarians. That education is delivered thorough our inhouse equipment’s such as Digital dental x-rays and High dent Veterinary dental unit

To cope with ever changing veterinary technological advancement our veterinarians are active members of specialty Organizations which are committed to the advanced research in veterinary clinical practice such as Veterinary Orthopedic Society (VOS) & Veterinary Endoscopy Society (VES).

For information pertaining to business hours and our services please visit other sections of the website. If you need any other information, please call us at 604-808-VETS (8387).

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Our Clinic is located at the corner of South East Marine drive and Fraser Street. We have plenty of underground free parking spaces for 2 hrs. which have entrance located at Fraser Street. Free parking is also available at Chester Street

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