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Each year, countless pets undergo costly treatments and procedures that could have been avoided with wellness exams and vaccinations. However, it can be challenging to find a veterinarian you trust to give your pet the level of care they deserve. At Marine and Fraser Veterinary Clinic, we're proud to offer quality wellness exams and vaccinations to help improve their quality of life and prevent severe health complications from occurring.

We are happy to open our doors to new and existing patients alike. Our team of friendly veterinarians has extensive experience treating cats, dogs, rabbits, and rats. Contact our Vancouver animal wellness clinic to schedule your pet's next appointment with our team!


Does My Pet Need Wellness Exams & Vaccinations?

It's crucial that, as a pet owner, you take a proactive instead of a reactive approach to your pet's overall health. Even if your pet appears healthy on the surface, there may be underlying health issues that are difficult to notice without veterinary training and tools. If you're undecided on whether our wellness exams and vaccination services are right for your pet, there are various benefits you should consider, including:

Detecting & Preventing Health Complications: Both wellness exams and vaccinations are excellent ways to help prevent health complications. Wellness exams allow our team to use diagnostic tools to detect harmful diseases and parasites, like heartworm, whereas vaccinations serve to prevent viruses, including rabies and parvovirus.

Following the Law: Various states and jurisdictions require pets to be vaccinated to some degree. Even if your pet is an indoor animal, it still may be suspectable to contracting dangerous viruses and diseases. Additionally, if you ever plan to board your animal, veterinary practices require proof of vaccinations to help harbor a safe environment for every pet in their care.

Keeping Your Family Safe: It can be easy to forget that certain animal diseases and viruses can pass to humans without detection and vaccination. Children and the elderly are especially susceptible to transmission as their immune systems aren't as strong as adults. By bringing in your pet for regular wellness exams and vaccinating them, you're protecting your pet and your family at the same time.

Gentle Wellness Exams

When you bring your pet to our Vancouver animal hospital for their first wellness exam, we'll begin by asking you questions about them. How old is your pet? Have you noticed a change in their behavior recently? Do they come in regular contact with other pets, including other species? Afterward, our veterinary team will conduct an in-depth physical examination.

We'll examine their eyes, fur, skin, teeth, gums, and gait. Finally, we'll use our findings to create your pet's personalized treatment plan, which outlines our recommended services. Additionally, we're happy to adjust your pet's treatment plan at any time.

Preventive Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinations are medical products designed to help trigger your pet's immune response and prepare its body to fight off potentially harmful diseases and viruses. Regardless of the type of vaccination your pet receives, it will help their antibodies better identify and react to specific foreign organisms. It's important to remember that most vaccines are not always meant to provide your pet with full immunity but instead lessen the severity of the illness.

Pet Wellness Exams & Vaccinations FAQs

It's normal to have questions about our Vancouver animal hospital wellness exams and vaccinations. That's why our friendly and skilled veterinary team is here to answer any that you may have. Some frequently asked questions include:

Why do puppies and kittens require vaccinations?

Young animals are susceptible to infectious diseases because their immune system hasn't fully matured. Cats, dogs, and rabbits, specifically, receive natural antibodies from their mother's milk. However, once your pet has weaned off milk, it's crucial they're immunized to fill the gap in their protection.

Yes. We have the facilities to perform comprehensive blood work. Whether you think that your pet is pregnant or that they're dealing with a disease, our team can leverage blood work to tell for sure. Additionally, we can perform detailed urine analysis.

We recommend that your pet receive wellness exams at least once a year. However, this number can vary depending on factors like your pet's overall health and age.

A Vancouver Animal Wellness Clinic for You

Whether you have an elderly dog or a young rabbit, our Vancouver animal hospital is your place for wellness exams and vaccinations. At Marine and Fraser Veterinary Clinic, our team works hard to create a welcoming and relaxing office atmosphere to help put even the most anxious pets at ease. Contact us today to schedule your pet's next appointment!


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