Therapeutic Laser

Laser Therapy is quick, non invasive and pain free modality works on the principal of photo biomodulation. You may already know that laser therapy improves patient outcome by decreasing inflammation quickly, preventing scaring and accelerate recovery time & reduces pain.

Benefits of laser therapy

Post surgical incision: Using therapy laser on post surgical incision not only reduces pain but also decrease inflammation and alleviate scarring, so we offer post surgical Spay/Neuter laser therapy.

Surgeries: Orthopedic, anal gland disease, skin growths etc., Numerous veterinary clinical studies at institutional level demonstrate that laser therapy can significantly reduce healing time and procedure efficiency when administered before & after surgeries. Just as an athlete wound be prescribed rehab to stabilize the compromised joint, laser therapy strengthens local biochemical environment of the tissue in a way that reduce recovery time and improve quality of repair. Post operative, beyond just the incision laser can spark the healing process & strengthens the surrounding tissue.

Chronic pain: Osteoarthritis is quite common finding in geriatric dogs and cats which is continuous source of moderate to severe pain in the joints. Patients having osteoarthritis reluctant to play or enjoy as movement of joints generate pain. Delivering adequate secessions of therapy laser to these pets not only mitigate pain & inflammation but also increase the overall quality of life for these patients by increasing range of motion in the affected joints. Chronic pain conditions are usually deep seated & require more treatments upfront to initiate a desired response. The usual recommendations are three therapy treatments in the first week followed by steady decrease in frequency depending upon patient’s response. Eventually the patient should only need a periodic maintenance treatment once every 1-2 months.

Oral treatment: Significant pain and swelling sometimes follow tooth extractions and gingivectomies. Laser therapy can reduce pain and accelerate healing of oral tissues which not only makes animal more comfortable but also decreases the required dose of potentially harmful pain medication.

Wound: wounds make up a substantial portion of our hospital case load. Laser therapy accelerate healing of burns, rashes, ear infections, lick granulomas. Class IV therapy laser promote both granulation of tissue bed and epithelization of surrounding tissue to close the wound.

Acute/sudden trauma: Sprain, strain fractures, road side accidents and other sudden trauma can be immediately treated with therapy laser to reduce pain and inflammation.

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