Blood Analysers

Blood collection is relatively easy procedure, most cases it takes few minutes to collect the sample, one hour to process and test the sample. To provide the benefits of latest generation technologies pets we carry in house blood processing and testing equipment which not only provide quicker results but saves crucial time in emergency situations.

Blood testing done for three main reasons:

Wellness Testing:

There are four main categories of wellness testing for young and middle aged dogs, Complete blood count (CBC) biochemistry profile, urinalysis and thyroid hormone testing, Our veterinarian will advise you how extensive the testing should be for your pet. In younger pets without noticeable health complaints relatively simple testing may be adequate. In middle-aged pets more comprehensive testing may be beneficial.

Pre-anesthetic Testing:

Pre-anesthetic blood test is done before administering anesthesia & lets us know the health of internal organs including liver, kidneys & amount of blood present in the patient. Healthy looking pets may be hiding symptoms of disease. Significant percentage of pets don’t show signs of illness until a large amount of damage has been done to the body. Blood test can help to detect health concerns at initial stage some times which may aggravate after the anesthetic procedure such as kidney disease or liver disease. Knowing at early can help us manage the disease efficiently. If pre-anesthetic blood test is normal, we can proceed with the given procedure with confidence. If not, we can alter the anesthetic procedure or take other precautions for the safety of your pet. Blood test becomes part of your pet’s medical record providing a baseline for future reference.

 Disease diagnostic blood testing:

 If pets are exhibiting any signs of illness such as vomiting, diarrhea, fever, lethargy, weight loss and Inappetence veterinarian may recommend blood testing to assist disease diagnosis in pets. In those cases, normal physiological values of blood may divergent from normalcy which is indicative of specific disease condition. Based upon the information collected from blood testing veterinarian formulate treatment plans for pets.

For more information regarding blood testing please contact our clinic.

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